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What types of medical detox exist?

March 22, 2018

Serenity Rehab can help you with both outpatient and inpatient detox. Before a decision is made, a doctor will do a thorough physical examination of you and take a look at your medical history and your history with alcohol, before deciding on the best option for you.

If the doctor believes you can detox on your own at home, with check-ins from family members or friends, then that option will be open to you, and you can go through the detox process in the comfort of your own home.

There is a possible risk with that as you won’t have medical supervision on hand if something goes wrong, but the doctor won’t recommend outpatient detox if they don’t think you are in a good position to go with that option.

With inpatient detox, you’ll stay in our stunning clinic and have medical staff on hand 24/7 to help you and support you in one of our specialist treatment rooms. We can also prescribe any suitable medication to help mitigate any withdrawal symptoms, including anti-seizure drugs, beta blockers to help reduce your heart rate and any tremors (beta blockers may also help with your alcohol cravings), and anti-anxiety drugs.

It must be stressed that alcohol detox isn’t a cure; it’s simply the process of removing the alcohol from your body.

You must go through a full alcohol rehab programme if you want to live a full life and start the road to recovery from your addiction. You’ll receive counselling, and a range of options, such as CBT, 12 step, art therapy and more to give you the tools you need to change negative thought patterns and help you cope back in your normal life.


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